Beauty | Product Review: FOXBRIM Dead Sea Mud Mask

So I’ve been using this product for a good month (around 30 days) sent by the lovely people at FOXBRIM. I must say, with no exaggeration, that this is the best DEEP CLEANSING mud mask (mask period), that I’ve used on my face. As you know, I have very sensitive skin so I’m always extra cautious on what I use.


The first thing that I noticed upon opening the jar, is the consistency in the product. This mask applies SO AMAZING to my face. It’s smooth, creamy and spreads evenly on my skin.


I don’t have to use a lot of product at all, which I only apply twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Although, I feel it to be a milder mud mask and most likely can be applied more than twice a week depending on your skin type.

I allow the mask to pulsate into my face for around 20-30 minutes or until it completely dries. It tightens my pores to a point where I can’t smile or even wrinkle my nose! Tehe. Then I wash the product off with warm water — and it washes off just like it applies to my skin! Creamy. Post cleansing, it leaves my face soft with locked pores :)




100% Natural & Additive Free.

Foxbrim’s Dead Sea Mud Mask includes only the ancient healing minerals of the Dead Sea. With renown spanning centuries, many have flocked to the Dead Sea to enjoy the amazing skin purifying properties from the silt and mud of the water. Unmatched in it’s composition, Dead Sea Mud is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. All essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. It has also been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria and effectively treat and heal psoriasis. A perfect in-home treatment, our Dead Sea Mud Mask brings you the sacred mud of the Mediterranean to enjoy youthful, radiant and silky skin.

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