The Secret Is Out. Beyonce’s Timeless #CRFashionBook Spread — And With a Real “Surfbort”


So this happened — and it couldn’t have happened any better. Beyoncé is a TRUE brand, y’all and a fan or not, we all can learn something from her in a number of ways. Thanks to one of my social groups via Twitter + Instagram (@PRGirlManifesto) whose owner created the trending hashtag #BrandLikeBeyonce — this cover surely made the perfect timing.

Over the last few years, we’ve watched Beyoncé grow as a timeless entertainer + artist whose talent will forever (and ever) live on. It wasn’t so much the “talent” that intrigued me the most, as I closely watched & took notes of how her BRAND was blossoming in a manner that was genuinely DOPE. If you remember, Beyoncé was ALWAYS private. Extremely private. For years, none of us had a clue about her personal life, but now, we get to learn a little bit about her fabulously “royal” life. Okay, QUEEN B?

When the word “brand” is mentioned, most people take it lightly. Back in the day, a “brand” was simply known as a product or service (i.e. Coca Cola, Tommy Hilfilger), but branding has evolved into a way that it represents a unique piece of ourselves that is separated from the rest of the crowd. For me, I know I wanted to create something appealing, yet very tech savvy to match my personality. I’m a nerd, a computer nerd — a creative design nerd (if you will), but I’m also a gal that loves HOT PINK and all things fabulous. Mix the two & voilá. Run with it. Once you get your idea — you run. And you build off of that idea + stay consistent — and you run.

But that’s another blog post.

Beyoncé has surprised us big time with her impromptu CR Fashion Book cover. Well played, Carine Roitfeld, well played.

The spread — which is a celebration of her birthday (it hits stands on September 4, which, as any fan knows, is “B-Day”) — was shot by Pierre Debusschere, who has worked with the star on her music videos, and styled by Carine Roitfeld. In one of the most memorable shots, she poses with a Chanel surfboard strapped to her back — the surfbort jokes write themselves, huh? [NY MAG]


Behold, the CR Fashion Book Issue 5 cover story featuring Beyoncé

Photographs Pierre Debusschere
Guest creative direction Riccardo Tisci