lifestyle note | How To Pack Cute! 8 Packing Musts To Include For the Traveling Girls!


“Vacation, all I ever wanted… Vacation, had to get away…” -The Go-Go’s
S ummer, over?  Not quite guys! The month of August is here and us gals/gents are still captured in end of season traveling moods! I know I’m getting ready to hop on a plane tomorrow for a few days with family, and what’s always needed for a breezy easy ride? Cute things!

So make sure this stuff is on your list of necessities to pack:

  • Color, color, color! Bright colored tops and bottoms are always cute.
  • A loose fitting, “hang off your shoulder” top or loose fitting dress that’s perfect for any brunch or dinner date!
  • Fun shades/sunglasses! Now we’ve definitely written a few articles about how to wear the perfect sunglasses. Take notes :)
  • Sandals that can be transitioned from day time shopping purposes to nightlife!
    A beachy, fun oversized tote or a cute little backpack!
  • Swim wear/or general outside wear (i.e. cover-up) You might not jump in the pool or lay on the beach every day of your vacay, but always always dress for the weather! Being over dressed leaves you sticky + exhausted.
  • Beauty essentials and this includes: A GOOD attitude! What’s that saying? Girls are prettier when they smile and have fun!
  • A few good reads! This means: magazine lovers, go grab the latest issues of your favorite mags.
  • And novel lovers, grab one of those books you haven’t touched yet — yeah one of those that’s sitting right there, on your bookshelf. Tehe